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Thank you for the recent opportunity to demonstrate and evaluate the Wilks InfraCal2 Biodiesel analyzer.
I must say, we were most impressed with the analyzer. The small size and easy portability made it a cinch to use it in the field; easily operating on the tailgate of a pick-up truck.
We also performed a side by side study of the InfraCal 2 (with the 0-100% Biodiesel calibration) vs our laboratory based FTIR. The results were nothing less than spectacular: For our ASTM D7371 calibration standards, the InfraCal 2 gave results that had lower spread and lower standard deviation than our $30 K laboratory based FTIR.
Thank you again,
John Mough
Senior Environmental Scientist
Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory

September 10, 2014

I would like to thank Sandy Rintoul and Wilks Enterprise for allowing my daughter to use InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer for her Junior High School Science Fair Project‏. The infrared spectrometer was the key instrument for conducting her project which investigated heat induced cis-trans geometrical isomerization in unsaturated eatable oils. After exposing oils to heat under various conditions: temperature, time and external environment (container type), the infrared spectrometer was used to detect trans fatty acids (TFA) presence. The infrared spectrometer than was used to perform quantitative analysis to determine TFA concentration increase as the result of the experiment.

My daughter found InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer and related InfraSpec software very easy to use with well-defined GUI interface. Using provided detailed documentation, she quickly learned how to calibrate spectrometer and how to use multiple features to make data collection and data analysis quick, efficient and repeatable.

Also I would like thank technical and scientific staffs at Wilks Enterprise for answering questions she had which sometime were related to her science project itself.

Peter Wojtania (dad of High School student)
March 21, 2014

Dear Lisa,

In 2006, the Apache Gulf Coast Region Operations group requested that purchasing research options for IR platform overboard water analyzers, to be used on our offshore oil & gas production platforms in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Units from various other manufacturers in use at the time were not very reliable and in need of repair quite often, due, in large part, to the extremely harsh and corrosive environment that exists in the Gulf. After looking at several options the decision was made that the Apache Shelf platforms would standardize on the Wilks Infracal model HATR-T2 IR water analyzer. Between the outstanding, professional service received from the employees at Wilks to the sturdy, reliable performance of the analyzers themselves, this has proven to have been an excellent decision for the Apache Gulf Coast Region. The units have held up remarkably well and several offshore personnel have commented on how easy it was to learn and operate this analyzer. I would highly recommend this equipment to anyone looking for a dependable, durable and easy to use analyzer.


Mark Pleasant

Senior Purchasing Supervisor

Apache Gulf Coast Region

Lafayette, LA


Lisa LaRusso
Sales & Administrative Manager


The employees of Veolia Water North America, Industrial, located at the Alcoa Aluminum Facility in Alcoa, TN would like to share their experiences using you Infracal TOG Analyzer…

We were first hesitant to purchase the equipment since no other location in our 300 plus site locations The unit was very easy to use and test results can be had in less than 10 minutes from time of prepping sample to actual results. We estimated that our payback on the initial cost of the unit would be 1.5 years compared to the Lab testing we were doing through a third party lab. What surprised us the most was that the unit paid for itself in less than 8 months. Not only did it pay for itself but our water quality control efforts have become much easier. ..


Pete Broockman
Project Manager

Veolia Water North America, Industrial
Alcoa, TN

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The use of the cuvette based Wilks InfraCal Oil in Water analyzer for identification of acid oil extractables (as Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons = TPH) from solutions of alkanolamines is an important test used by the MPR Services Inc. laboratory as a means of general quantitation of those hydrocarbons in samples submitted to our laboratory for such an analysis.  We extract the acidified solution’s TPH into tetrachloroethylene and test that solution using this analyzer.  The results are very important to our work in determining whether or not we will need to do a trademarked Hydrocarbon Removal process on the alkanolamine solutions.  The use of the analyzer is simple enough for our operations personnel to do the testing in the field to monitor the process of a job in progress and produce reliable results as required by our customers.   An alternative type of test would require a Gas Chromatograph in the field which would be far more impractical for such field work.

Michael L. H. Turoff
Associate Scientist,

MPR Services, Inc.
1201 FM 646 Rd. W.
Dickinson, TX  77539-3014
281-337-7424 x7119

To: Wilks

East Norwalk, Connecticut

We bought our Infracal TOG/TPH Analyzer over ten years ago, and have not had any problem what so ever with it since then.  We bought directly from the plant in Connecticut and were attended in a very friendly and professional manner and were able to get our equipment in a very short time.  It has been an important and reliable tool to produce good quality data for our research and services in the environmental area related to the petroleum industry.  I would recommend this instrument to any one interested in obtaining a good, sturdy and reliable piece of equipment at a reasonable prince and in a timely, hassle-free manner.

Thank you Wilks


Dr. Randy H. Adams
Research Professor

Juarez Autonomous University of Tabasco - UJAT

Restauración de Suelos y Soluciones Ambientales
M. en C. Verónica D. Adams & Dr. Randy H. Adams
Villahermosa, Tabasco, México

Tel.:  01 99 31 435078, 01 99 33 301244

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Our Clients

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